Monday, June 30, 2014

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye.

This was meant to be posted at the end of May, but I didn't get all the pictures uploaded, so its a bit late.  Enjoy!

We said good bye to half the family this week. First, to Nick and Hayley, as they drove away to start their new life in St. George on Saturday, then on Monday, Kirsten and Skyler went back to Washington, and then on Tuesday, we said good bye to Mom and Dad. So hopefully, you all can enjoy the pictures and we will continue to update this regularly.
Even though some of you were here for some of these events, I opted to still post a few pictures.
First is Hayley's Shower. It was lovely to see everyone that came and to visit. The food and company were wonderful and Hayley and Nick go a great start with things.

Then we had Nick and Hayley's Beautiful Wedding...

I have a few more pictures from their day, but I thought I would save it for a later post after all the editing is done.

We packed up Mom and Dad. I was going to take a picture of the two of them, but I forgot. Mom was supposed to send me a picture of the two of them, but hasn't yet, so I don't know if she will post in her blog.

While we were packing, we found an old Girls Camp pillow case. Mom wanted to keep it, I said no. We compromised and took a picture of it and threw it away, so Mom, here is your precious memory of Girls camp 1999.

James graduated from Kindergarten and all the kids celebrated the last day of school. What better way, then to finally pull the pool out!

Dylan also graduated from 6th Grade.

And we had two Dance recitals. Ayana and Taylee. Ayana had two clogging routines, and competed in the Solo Freestyle. She took home a third place trophy that she was very proud of, as were we.

Before Taylee's Recital, we ran over to Whitney's Wedding. It was beautiful and she was beautiful and I meant to take a picture with her, and forgot.

And then went and saw Taylee in her recital. Doing her Hip Hop Routine.

We love you Mom and Dad, and I will get Nick's Wedding Pics up soon.