Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Clearfield Basement

Andrew wanted me to post a few pictures from the basement as it has evolved. We decided in December, before we knew for sure that we were moving, to finish the basement. We figured, if we are moving into Mom and Dad's house, it will rent better, and if we stay, we will have twice the house. It was a win-win. For several reasons, different things were delayed and then the renter wanted to be in sooner, and what was intially slated to be finished at the end of February, is still a work in progress, but something we are proud of. It has been challenging, but everyone has worked hard to get it done. 

We had a wall down the middle of the basement that had a about a 10 foot opening. Rather than have a long skinny family room, we opted to cut the wall back all the way to the hall and have the family room the full width of the basement. That wall, however, was a load-bearing wall, so we had to replace the existing 10 ft beam with a 14 foot beam. Andrew had to build up a false wall replace the beam and tear the false wall down. It took a few people.

Andrew cutting the existing beam away.

Putting the new beam in 

Another phase of the project was to move the sump pump. We had a sump pump that was put in by the original builders and sat in a cut off 5 gallon bucket in the middle of the bathroom area. The pump actually only sat a few inches below the foundation of the house and we always had high water in the spring and sometimes in the fall, too. So Andrew bought a jack hammer and the kids helped to dig out a nice BIG hole for a new sump bucket and pump. 

 This is after we had finished framing and electrical.

 The we did all the insulation and finished up odds and ends to prepare for drywall

With Plumbing done.

The drywall truck got there right when the kids were leaving for school. James wanted to watch the truck, so he walked backwards all the way down the street. We recorded a video of them craning the drywall into the basement.

With the drywall finished, it started looking like live-able space. Even more so after we painted (I forgot to get pictures post-drywall and pre-paint)

Next was carpet.

And bathroom tile

Hopefully, we will be able to finish the rest over the next few weeks.We still have some work to do, but it's been challenging and even fun at times. 

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